Task Force Liaisons



The purpose for the Stop The Violence Project Task Force is to reach families ( with the love of Christ through testimonies) that are victims of homicides caused by street and gang related violence.

The Stop The Violence Project Task Force goal is to communicate with the victim’s family as well as the alleged perpetrator’s family to prevent retaliation.

The Stop The Violence Task Force Team will consist of the following:

  1. Administrative Advisor – Jessie R. Bates
  2. Project Liaison – Amy Novak
  3. Community Organizations Liaison – Forestine King
  4. Law Enforcement Liaison – TBA
  5. Family Crisis Liaison – TBA
  6. Incarceration Liaison – Charles King
  7. Public Relations Liaison – Jessie R. Bates
  8. Prayer Counselor Liaison – Janice S. Bates
  9. Business Liaison – Amy Novak

The Stop The Violence Task Force Team Ministry responsibilities will be as follows:

  1. The Administrative Advisor will be responsible for overseeing the Stop The Violence Project.  The Administrative Advisor will also be responsible for conducting meetings, planning festivals and preparing the task force agenda.
  2. The Project Liaison person is responsible for communicating all meeting dates and times to each individual, ministry or organization that’s interested in interacting with the Stop The Violence Project.
  3. The Community Organization Liaison person will be responsible for connecting the different neighborhood groups with the Stop The Violence Festival coordinator’s team.
  4. The Law Enforcement Liaison is responsible for making contact with the police department when a gang homicide occurs.
  5. The Family Crisis Liaison will be responsible for getting all the necessary information on the victims family, as well as, the alleged perpetrator’s family so a series of visits can be arranged.
  6. The Incarceration Liaison person is responsible for scheduling visits at the county jail to the alleged perpetrator’s while incarcerated.
  7. The Public Relations Liaison person will be responsible for communicating with the press, city officials and the business community.
  8. The Prayer Counselor Liaison is responsible for establishing a prayer team to pray during street festivals and for organizing neighborhood prayer groups.
  9. The Business Liaison is responsible for building partnerships with community businesses, charitable organizations, state and local governing bodies, city and private social service agencies and churches.

These are just general descriptions of each ministry.

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