Ambassadors For Christ Ministries is an Illinois, faith-based, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  One of the primary goals of this ministry is to reach the young (men, women and children) of inner-cities, where gang violence, drugs and alcohol, prostitution, human trafficking, homicides and other crimes of a violent/non-violent nature are the normal course of each day.  Ambassadors For Christ Ministries has planned a series of Stop The Violence Project Back To School Block Parties as alternative activities for our young people during this Spring and Summer, 2017.  The objective for these “Stop The Violence Project events is to:

∙           Redirect our young peoples’ need to be involved in something during periods of idle time (schools closed for holidays, summer vacation, etc.), from negative influences (as stated above) to those with a positive direction.

∙           Promote team work (such as sports, drama, expressive dance, career planning, games and other kinds of safe, yet fun for all activities), as the most positive avenue toward decreasing inner-city violence, which will affect an overall decrease in criminal activity.

∙           Promote respect for institutions of authority in our community, such as the family, church, school, law enforcement, judicial system, etc.

∙           Institute the idea of building leaders, by teaching young people through practical application, how to follow leadership using the “Stop The Violence Project” festivals rules and regulations, which must be adhered to for participation in activities.

Although we realize that this is just one avenue toward a solution to the plight of inner-city youth, we believe with long term plans, which would include cooperating businesses, charitable organizations, state and local governing bodies, city and private social service organizations and community churches working together, positive change will ultimately take place in our inner-cities and entire communities!

From 2005- 2017, Ambassadors For Christ Ministries has held 96 Stop The Violence Project festivals, with a combined total of approximately 59,577 adults, youth and children of all ethnic backgrounds, as registered attendees.  The Stop The Violence Back To School Block Parties have served approximately 49,957 hot meals; 107,755 concessions (i.e., popcorn, snow cones, funnel cakes, cotton candy); given away thousands of free prizes, including brand new girls and boys bicycles; provided 31,494 back packs stuffed with school supplies (K-College); as well as 7,700 boxes of groceries (2015-2017) to those in need.  There was a total of 719 persons who asked for and received personal prayer during the festivals; 5,101 decisions were made to receive Jesus Christ during the altar calls; and, most importantly, none of this would have been possible without the 5,513 volunteers that participated in the festivals.  All Stop The Violence Project event activities, prize give-a-ways and refreshments are free of charge to the public.

Finally, the purpose for this letter is to request that you/your organization join with the Stop The Violence Project in helping to sponsor the 2018 “Stop The Violence Project Back To School Block Parties”.  There will be approximately five, (5) Stop The Violence Project Back To School Block Parties festival events, this spring and summer, at approximately $19,000 each event.  Please review the Festival Budget and Festival Budget Summary for cost details.  The monies will be used for the purchase, replacement and maintenance of equipment and other items as specified within the budget, such as prizes, food, drinks and unexpected costs that may arise in association with these events.  We are asking that you donate your best gift  now, and, we thank you in advance for your serious consideration toward helping meet this desperate need in your community.

Jessie R. Bates, Administrative Advisor

Ambassadors For Christ Ministries                                                                



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